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Filtering this was a mess, and the Feed

Getting through the first round of filtering was a time-consuming mess today, like almost 9 hours with breaks just to get through that first round. Make that 9 hours and two computer crashes. Fortunately ChromeOS is set up to rebound from a crash with all the tabs intact but inactive so you don’t crash again. So I can weather a crash without losing links that I spent hours accumulating.

Up first is Our Daily Ted part 1. Morning Links: Close encounter with a sidewalk cyclist, football players ride among us, and some bikes used for evil

And Part 2. Mountain biker dies of apparent heart attack in Crystal Cove State Beach

Still in LA, a car destroyed a house. Two dead after vehicle crashes into Boyle Heights home [updated] Apparently there was a cyclist somewhere in the story when it first published maybe to do with the driver getting shot.

Still in CA. Street Smarts: Bicycle safety reports released

Scary situation from America’s Copenhagen. Road rage assault leaves man feeling helpless, frustrated and scared That would be menacing and/or brandishing in TX, assuming you could get anyone to take you seriously. Similar situation to what the victim in this case found, not taken seriously by LEO.

Also from Portland, they found lots of places where the infrastructure was deficient or missing. Gap Week follow-up: You’ve mapped 120 bikeway gaps around the city

Major concerns about the statewide bike plan for the people in Portland. Concerns mount over draft of state’s bike plan

Different outlet, same location, doesn’t like cyclists wearing bicycle clothes. Dr. Know: Spandex Blight

And one state up the map, they have traffic control problems. West Seattle traffic light is so long, bike commuter cooks breakfast burrito while waiting for it to change Yes he did have enough time to finish cooking the contents of the burrito and wrap it up before the light changed, but not to eat it.

Still in Seattle, bike share doesn’t work well with mandatory helmet laws. Seattle Bike-Share Needs City Bailout Apparently the city was supposed to take this over about 3 months ago and didn’t because ???

Same state, different town. Man riding bicycle killed after being struck by car The headline used the wrong adverb, instead of “after” it should be “from”. “After makes it sound like he was an animal put down to prevent further suffering.

More on the Dave Mirra tragedy, apparently he was a street cyclist when he wasn’t doing tricks on his BMX bike. Before his death, Dave Mirra overcame at least two horrible accidents to rule BMX and BMX and X Games star Dave Mirra dies at 41 in apparent suicide As has been posted to this blog more times than I can count, I loathe drunk drivers. If I was granted the right to make laws by fiat that could not be vetoed I would make crash tests be done with convicted drunk drivers instead of expensive instrumented dummies. I would handcuff them to the steering wheels of their cars for one final ride through a car shredder. And I’m the nice guy when it comes to dealing with DUI compared to my former business partner and still-friend who prefers death by slow torture finishing up with hanging with the DUI’s own intestines.

Cop v kid in FloriDUH! Miami cop hits boy riding scooter — dragging him up to 40 feet beneath patrol car If I’m putting the narrative together right, the actual wreck was at the speed limit for the area, but only because the cop had just turned a right angle corner and hadn’t gotten up to speed yet. Notice the cop using the universal get-out-of-jail-free card V2.0 “He darted in front of me!”

Memorial ride in OH over the weekend. Ghost ride honors cyclist killed in accident and Nearly 600 cyclists attend ‘ghost ride’ for Michael Prater

NYC wreck that continues to defy rational explanation. Gwendolyn Brooks, Killed by School Bus Driver on Atlantic Avenue Sidewalk Still blaming an as-yet unidentified car “cutting off” the school bus that caused the driver to swerve into the pedestrian area at a high rate of speed while plowing through parked cars.

Up north in West Canuckistan. Vancouver cyclist struck by semi-truck dies In spite of what one commenter posted 3:25 PM is still daylight and lights and reflectors are not required and in the case of the reflectors, not useful. The condition of the bike indicates this was probably a case of the driver mis-judging the size of his vehicle in relation to the location of the cyclist and hitting him just hard enough to cause him to fall off the bike.

Over in Jolly Olde they can’t even get drivers to slow down for a school crossing. Dangerous motorists near Tamworth school crossing prompt clampdown from county council Two wrecks, and 8 near-misses in a school zone?

Another link to the driver considered “too old to jail” for killing a cyclist. Pensioner who killed charity cyclist in crash near Killin avoids jail Even a year in jail would have sent the message that killing a cyclist was serious, but community service for making an illegal pass and running head-on into a cyclist in a flouro pink jersey (the Ugliest HiViz there is) sends the message that killing a cyclist is less serious than littering.

Down in Oz, they caught hordes of scofflaw cyclists riding without their Majick Foam Hats. SA Police road safety operation catches more than 800 cyclists, motorists breaking the law That’s a $400 fine now. TANJ! SMH

Funny, this guy had his Majick Foam Hat, but he still died. Elderly cyclist found on road at Henley Beach, taken to hospital with serious head injuries

Dangerous infrastructure in Enn Zed. Roundabouts in Marlborough a headache for cyclists Two bike stores each with wrecked bikes every two weeks averages out to a bike wreck per week, or 3 times the “official” rate.

Even terrorists know a bike is best for getting through thick traffic even if they can’t carry much in the way of explosives. Bike-borne suicide bomber kills 8 in Pakistan There are several groups at odds with the gov’t in the area, but so far none have taken credit for the attack. This could be a “lone wolf” sympathiser not directly affiliated with any group.

And last story is the Big Story from South Africa. Cyclists killed in Durban crash and Two cyclists killed by alleged drunk driver also Durban cycling tragedy: Man held for drunk driving this too PICS – Cyclists’ early morning ride in KZN ends in tragedy last link Wife rushed to cyclist’s side moments after he was killed You can see in some of the pictures that one bike had a tail light so bright that it caused lens flare even after the bike it was attached to was crushed almost beyond recognition. There’s just not a lot you can do about a drunk driver.

And it’s currently 0445. No tags, no proofing aside from checking to make sure I coded the links right.

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