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I’m still among the living, and the Feed

Trip to the doctor went well, and there’s a new study already in the works. I have already signed the NDA, so I can’t say anymore about it except that it’s a BP med, but I’m sure most of you figured that out when I posted “new study”. I’m still waiting on the parts from VCG resins, but it hasn’t been long enough for the parts to get here yet. Maybe by Friday or Monday of next week at the latest.

Up first is Our Daily Ted, part one. Morning Links: Former Councilmember Bill Rosendahl near death; led fight to make LA better for bike riders

And part two. Update: Teenage bike rider killed Monday afternoon in San Diego solo fall more Teen fleeing robbery hits head on trolley tracks, dies also Boy on Bike Hits Head on Train Tracks, Dies The bike in question was either not equipped with brakes, or had very bad brakes to the point that the difference was not much of a difference.

Also in CA. EXCITING IMPROVEMENTS COMING TO SAN JOSÉ AVENUE Yes, good infrastructure. Not great infrastructure, but much better than what they already have.

More infrastructure news, this time from GA. Grady student’s death ignites calls for changes at Midtown intersection What changes will get made are impossible to determine at this juncture, and may make things work because they were “doing something” instead of looking at the CROW manual and doing somethinf right.

And a little south of that in FL. Families, FHP Want Info on Unsolved Hit and Runs I hope they get it in spades (which is a really old phrase that means “a whole lot”).

This is scary to watch. Helmet cam captures dramatic video of how not to pass a cyclist The video was not running properly on my computer (too many tabs) but there was an animated GIF that showed the van a few inches from the left hamdlebar that was bad enough.

Another link to the politician getting away with attempted murder of 4 cyclists. Middle finger councillor who ran cyclists off road fined Am I the only one who wants to break that man’s arm off at the elbow and perform a protological exam on him with it? Surely not.

Whee! decent infrastructure for a change in Jolly Olde. Cyclists’ verdict as Cambridge’s CyclePoint, the UK’s biggest bike park, opens at railway station Aside from the inability to lock up all kinds of bikes (no cargo bikes, LWB ‘bents, or tandems will fit those racks), it seems to be pretty good, and expandible to allow more parking.

A pinball wreck in Jolly Olde involving a bicycle and the cyclist is not only “not dead” but actually in reasonably good condition. Man seriously injured after two cars and a cyclist crash in Brighton The man seriously injured was one of the drivers.

I hope he spends a long time in jail. Man arrested over East Molesey cyclist hit-and-run

Another hit-and-run up north in Scotland. Cyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run collision and Wife of cyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run urges witnesses to come forward This was another hit from behind wreck which means that the cyclist was right there in front of the driver to be seen and wasn’t, and then he (I’m assuming a man would be more likely than a woman to do this) just drove away in spite of knowing there were bits of the car ripped off on the cyclist’s body (which would have made an almighty bang BTW) so yeah, die inna fire.

Another cyclist hit by a rail vehicle. Family pay tribute to cyclist Martin Hughes killed in collision with tram in Wythenshawe No, this is another link to the guy killed on Monday.

Windshield bias strikes in Oz. Cyclist created ‘dangerous situation’, says Tasmanian Full Court judge

Another serious bike wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist’s condition critical Nope, another update on an earlier wreck.

A wreck in South Africa. Man in serious condition after cycling accident That was a serious impact into a vehicle driven by an admitted blind man… The driver pulled out in front of the cyclist, and admitted not seeing the cyclist. Therefore he was blind, QED.

I see this here in TX, where they have money to build new roads but nothing to maintain the roads that have already been built until they need to be replaced. The Long and Crumbling Road The city of Dallas has a pothole backlog over $1 billion. And no tax base assigned to pay for it, so potholes fight for funds with police, fire protection, and libraries. Schools are a different branch of government here in TX.

OK it’s after 0400, I have been up since 1000 and I’m seeing double.

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