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Free Burrito Bowl day, and the Feed

I went out to get my free Chipotle burrito bowl today, cashing in my coupon. I have always liked Chipotle food so this was not an arduous or distasteful undertaking. Or even that expensive because of the DART mid-day pass. I went with the steak because when they aren’t free I usually get the cheaper chicken or tofu and wanted to see how the grass was on the cow side of the fence. I also had the brown rice instead of white, black beans, and the spiced corn salsa with salsa verde, plus cheese and lettuce for a balanced selection of veggies. I thoroughly enjoyed my burrito bowl.

Up first is how to develop the habit if getting around by bike. Habit Loop I remember doing this…

While I’m doing positive, life-affirming links…Delaware’s longest paved trail (a 16 mile smooth asphalt strip that you’ll be able to ride without ever stopping all the way from Delaware City to Chesapeake City) will be totally complete and finished this year.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Jamming on North Fig, Bike the Vote endorses in Culver City, and selling butts instead of e-bikes

Things are busy over in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge police: Bicyclist killed in wreck with 18-wheeler on Plank Road Salmon cyclist who may have been taught to ride that way gets hit by truck driver looking one way while turning the other. And I’m not making that “taught that way” up, it’s from the article. Well at least he was able to see his death coming at him.

And later in the same day in a different part of town. Bicyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run on Siegen Lane I’m having a hard time seeing it in the picture because of he glare from the headlights of the cop car they propped the bike against, but i think I see the bike’s taillight in the picture of the crime scene. Given how smashed up the back of the bike is that is freaking amazing. And since the back of the bike is smashed and they are saying the found bits of the front, possibly the drivers side of the car I’m going o call this one a hit from behind wreck.

Back to CA. Police Identify Bicycle Rider Killed in Carlsbad and Bicyclist killed in Carlsbad collision lived in Cardiff also Bicyclist Struck and Killed in Carlsbad Identified Wow, she rode all the way from Wales? J/K This is one of those “laugh so it doesn’t hurt so bad” kind of wrecks.

Wreck in CO. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run near Boulder released from hospital Still looking for that “sports car” with a missing mirror…

Is this corruption in NYC? Witness Says NYPD Let A Hit & Run Driver Flash His Badge & Slip Away Seriously, this is 19 different kinds of fucked up.

I keep making fun of articles that make it sound like cars are driving around on their own volition, but this time it’s true. Driverless Corvette Runs Over Woman On Midtown Sidewalk Corvette had a remote start system that somehow was activated after the driver left the scene, and the car drove itself onto the sidewalk.

Infrastructure from Portland. #WorkZoneWTF: Advocates want city ordinance to ensure safe passage through work zones Construction sites on busy roads can be a major stress on vulnerable users when they have to walk/ride in the main travel lane.

Brazen thief. Video shows thief stealing bike from Red Cross while owner is inside giving blood There was a half-joking suggestion to remove a finger from the bike thief in the comments section. How about just beating him with a bike chain instead?

How about actually enforcing the laws when the perp admits to breaking them? Linn County DA won’t prosecute driver who admitted checking his phone before deadly hit-and-run crash What is so hard about this case? The driver admits to picking up the phone right before the wreck, and leaving the scene.

More Portland infrastructure. BikeLoudPDX hits Active Transportation Summit with “not-so-cool infrastructure” flyer There are some examples of crap infrastructure that is still too prevalent in America’s Copenhagen.

Back across the country to Buffalo. Bicyclist killed after colliding with vehicle in Buffalo At this point it appears the cyclist though the 2-way stop was a 4-way stop and the weapon vehicle was going to stop.

IN far West Canuckistan they are having a problem with people getting hit with car doors while riding bicycles. Car door killers: Campaign tries to make a dent in cyclist doorings The little stat in the sub-head is a bit scary: “Doorings are responsible for 1 in 7 bike crashes in Vancouver” And that is just the reported door prizes there might be another 1/3 more that aren’t reported. And the comments section try to make it all the cyclists’ fault for being there to get killed…

Multiple links to a wreck in Ontario. Leamington cyclist killed in collision with van and OPP ID Cyclist Killed In Leamington Collision also Fatal Crash Takes Cyclist’s Life Blaming the cyclist for the driver not being able to stop in the distance he could see clearly. Also how many years has it been since a fatal bicycle wreck took a driver’s life without killing the cyclist? I know it was at least once since I moved the blog to WP back in 2008. The one that comes to mind was a cyclist buzzed well away from the road and the driver hit a tree in OK, but I don’t know if I could find that now.

Infrastructure in Edmonton. City staff hosts open house for bike lane layout Surprise, drivers paid little attention to the paint and were driving in the bike lanes with the cyclists… Barrier protected lanes are about the only thing that will work here, especially after the snow flies.

Another link to a UK pedestrian getting off a bus directly in front of a sidewalk cyclist. Pensioner in hospital after accident in Exeter Street Both the cyclist and pedestrian were transported to hospital, conditions unknown. Don’t hit the pedestrians. This is not the same wreck linked to yesterday.

Another UK wreck appears to be two bicycles from the picture of the crime scene. Man, 80, injured after crash with bike in Barnstaple You can plainly see two bikes in the picture. One appears to be a road bike with drop handlebars, the other is maybe a cruiser or city bike.

UK drivers really don’t respect cyclists, even when they are LEO on bikes. Driver ‘deliberately’ knocked down police cyclist in south London This is what happens when you have media continuously and continually dehumanizing cyclists.

Wow, Italy getting tough on drivers who kill. Italy gets tough on killer drivers – how do new laws compare to UK? Well there’s theory, and there’s practice. UK laws are tough in theory, not so much in practice as minimums are treated as suggestions rather than actual laws.

Speaking of getting tough on drivers, I’m having some serious difficulties with this one. Mildura driver who was nearly six times over the limit jailed over crash that injured cyclist Really, almost six times the legal limit for DUI and the victim is still in and out of hospital for treatments and maybe 2 years in prison? why not give him a teddy bear?

It’s amazing what passing laws do for cyclist safety. Injured cyclist praises safer overtaking laws ahead of Queensland review Now take the cars away when they hit someone not in a car, especially when that hit causes injury.

Another slap on the wrist for a driver causing injury. Woman admits causing crash that injured Palmerston North City Councillor Are they seriously blaming the victim for riding an e-assist bike that goes 12.5 MPH as “too fast”?!? That’s what my speedo was reading on Francis/es when I could still ride, and that’s a quarter-ton pickup truck with two wheels.

And it’s 0530, and I’m beat.

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