Nerd question for my readers

I’m getting ready to GM a D&D 3.5 game, and I want to encourage people to play Good aligned Warlocks. Here’s the plan: I announce during character creation that there is a secret invocation that won’t count against the max invocations for a level if they meet certain parameters and situations that will allow their Warlock to have the equivalent of a Cure Light Wounds spell that can be cast at will as many times as the player wants and does not require actual physical contact with the PC getting the HP recovery.

Here’s what I have worked out so far. The invocation will be available to a PC ChG Warlock with Sickening Blast as an invocation, who uses the invocation successfully in any situation and certain other stipulations are met. One thing I’m positive is the character’s INT and WIS have to add up to a fairly high number and the player had to beat a number on a d20 roll that gets lower as the sum of INT and WIS gets higher over that initial hurdle. The d20 roll happens each time the PC uses Sickening Blast. I’m thinking that 30 would be a good sum for the INT and WIS scores with the roll having to beat a 10 less one for every point the INT and WIS sum beats 30.

Now because this additional invocation is not granted by whatever power that made the Warlock, and because it depends on modifying an existing invocation, there is a failure chance built into the invocation. Failure is determined by a d6 with a roll of 1 causing the character the invocation is being used on to be sickened as per the Sickening Blast rules, 2 or 3 having no effect and 4, 5, or 6 curing one d8 of HP per 5 levels of Warlock up to 3d8.

Here’s an example of how the PC “discovers” the invocation. A ChG Warlock uses Sickening Blast to incapacitate a NPC the party wishes to capture and question without killing. The character has INT of 12 and WIS of 18 and the player rolls 13 on their d20 roll after successfully sickening the NPC. In game a beam of white light shines down on the character, blinding everyone in the area for one round. When everyone stops blinking the Warlock has received a revelation on the use of Sickening Blast to heal instead of making people sick. This boon has been granted by a healing deity who has a wicked sense of humor. The PC does not know the invocation will sometimes sicken instead of healing until the first time the player rolls a 1 on the d6 success roll.

The player can use the healing spell by direct touch without piggybacking on Eldritch Blast, or at a distance by using EB and hoping the heal spell cures more HP than the EB takes away. This makes this more of a desperation move than anything else.

So, whaddya think?

PSA, Opus

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