About the name of the blog

Sometimes people ask me if I am really a Witch. Yes I’m a Witch, but not the evil cackling Hollywood witch. I work very hard to make things better for everyone, and in spite of the jokes I don’t really eat children. I’m just playing off the stereotype for the sake of a joke.

I have been asked in private if I could make someone love someone (the person making the request). I can, but it won’t last very long. I think my record is 48 hours, most of my love spells don’t last the night. And I only do love spells when forced into it because they are a violation of Self for the target.

Now something that does work is to Summon Love. This is a request for someone to come of their own free will, that is compatible, and desirable (for you), and truly desires you. There is no violation of Self involved, no Karmic backlash if it goes wrong, and generally just a much better alternative to the muggle idea of a Love Spell. Summon Love is not a fast-acting spell, so if you are looking for instant gratification I suggest OK Cupid or Adult Friend Finder.

PSA, Opus


3 responses to “About the name of the blog

  1. We tend to use ‘Wiccan’ here (UK) instead of witch nowadays due to the way the word ‘witch’ has been so maligned over the ages. Or we just say ‘of the craft’.

    Love your second two paragraphs about love spells. Too many people wouldn’t see the selfishness of the object of their desire being made to love them – it certainly is a violation of self for the object person.


    • Opus the Poet

      Well there is a Reclaiming tradition here in the States (not my trad) that advocates using the word Witch to take it back from those who use it wrongly. I use it because of the “Wizard of Oz” movie and because I ride a bicycle regularly which makes for a great blog title.


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