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I’m fading here…

They’re 100 miles into the World 600 and I’m having problems staying awake. Not because the race is boring, but because this is my third race of the day after the Monaco GP and the Indy 500. After the wet race at Monaco, and the 100th running of the Indy 500 being won by a rookie my adrenal glands have burnt out and I’m about to drop… There is a limit to how much excitement a human being can endure.

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Yay! Two of my favorite things come together and it isn’t a Reese’s Cup

We are coming up on the biggest weekend in motorsports what with the GP of Monaco, the 100th running of the Indy 500, and the World 600 wrapping it up from the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

What got my motor runnin’ was this link Hundreds plan to bike to Indy 500 to avoid traffic and parking problems about (not) fighting traffic getting to IMS Sunday. Now if we could get that from hundreds to thousands…

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More parts came in

Well not parts per se, raw stock to make parts from. The .080″ stock for the front axle came in yesterday. Now all I need to make the front axle assembly are the Wide 5 hubs so I can get the geometry right for the steering and brake calipers. I’m still trying to decide if I want to put the steering arms on the back of the axle and the calipers and coilovers on the front, or vice versa. That’s one of the “things” about building a model first, you can find out what runs into what and move them so they don’t, for a lot less than starting out in full-scale or buying a 3D CAD program and then spending hours learning to use it. Plus when you’re done with the model you have something, something you can hold in your hands and say “I made this thing!” and feel proud of what you did. You can’t do that with a 3D rendering.

There’s not much to see of the raw stock, it looks pretty much exactly the same as the .060″ stock unless you throw the micrometer or digital calipers to it or put the two side by side. Otherwise it’s just two pieces of round rod plastic, one slightly larger in diameter than the other. The thing is that when you put them on the model and you don’t use different size round stock for the pieces it just ends up looking wrong, especially when you use the smaller size where the bigger should be. In my case it would be like using 1.5″ tubing to make the axle when it should be 2″, it would be obvious real quick that I had used the wrong stock.

The coilovers are being made but I’ll have to wind the springs myself over a blank because that’s just what you have to do to have coilovers in this scale without carving your own molds and casting resin replicas of coilover shocks. And besides being outside of my skillset, that would be a pain. Getting back to the springs, I’ll really have to wind 16 springs to match the 1:1 Sprint T in both versions I’m trying to decide on building. I was planning on using a dual spring with a slider to get the spring rate and travel for street use, with a jam nut that hits the slider between the springs to stiffen the suspension for racing or to reduce the impact if I hit something big enough to blow through the full 4″ of compression travel from static ride height. BTW the formula for finding the spring rate when the slider is unencumbered is A*B/A+B so the dual spring will have a lower rate than either of the two springs individually. The softest chrome spring in the catalog is 150 pounds, which is more than the 100 pounds I need at the front but less than the 250 I need at the front for racing. So plugging the 150 and 250 springs into the formula gives me an initial rate of 94 pounds at ride height, close enough for gov’t work. In addition to giving me more rate options using 2 springs is less expensive than buying a single spring long enough to fill the gap between the spring seats on the shock absorber when it’s extended fully at full rebound/droop. Seriously that’s like almost 20″ and those super-long springs are hella expensive. Also there is the esthetic to consider, having one chrome and one bright yellow spring at each corner is like saying “I can be civilized when the situation calls for it…”

And I have to get back to doing thing in the Real World™ so this is the end of this blog post.

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About to move to therapeutic levels of the test med, finally

Five weeks after I started on the program I finally get to a level of dosage that might have an effect on my BP. Four weeks of getting rid of the medication used in the SPRINT trial to get my metabolism back to base level, one week of reduced dosage of the BP med to see if I get any adverse reactions, and today (when I get back up after putting the post and myself to bed) I go to full dosage for someone with my body mass. I’m not gonna lie, I was doing fantastic on the amlodipine as my primary BP med except for the leg swelling, which has pretty much gone away during the washout phase of the new trial. The only adverse effect I have noticed with the new med is an increased tendency for pollen to get to me and goop up my eyes and congest my nose. We will see what happens after I up the dose to the next level.

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Written by Jasmine Walls, Illustrated by Amy Phillips

Source: Fated

Oh [$DEITY] that shit’s funny!

I didn’t ride in silence tonight

As much as I wanted to I still was not able to participate in my local Ride of Silence, the Mother Ride. I still lack the ability to hold my head up enough to ride the 10 miles of the Mother Ride, and that’s not counting the additional 12 miles to get to the ride. I feel like I have let Larry Schwarz down, and I never even met the guy.

Next year for sure.

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I was supposed to be playing D&D today

But because of all the pollen I exposed myself to while I was coming back from the Lab Rat Keeper I woke up this morning in whiteout conditions. I managed to text the GM that I couldn’t see when I woke up and did not feel safe in walking to the bus stop when I could not see the cars coming while I tried to cross the road. Bad thing is I haven’t gotten a reply back to that text.

Speaking of what went down yesterday… I had to get up at 0500 to get dressed and eat breakfast for the day so I could leave at 0600 and catch the 0613 schedule bus. Basically all I did was get my BP taken and wait around to have it taken again, then schedule a time to get fitted with the ambulatory BPM, which is a BP cuff that stays on my arm for 24-48 hours, depending on the study and the model monitor. I wore one back about 8 years or so and they beep about every 20 minutes and do a blood pressure test, the beep is to let you know you need to keep still for a bit while the test is conducted. After I got done with the appointment I decided to make a quick run up the street to the Carrollton branch of my credit union, where I got stuck for over an hour because I came up on a bus that did not have a return route because it was at the end of morning rush. So I decided to stop at a noodle place for lunch as it was now 11:30-ish and I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since before 0600. I got the small cup of noodles and veggies and got done just in time to watch the bus go by the stop with a 60 minute gap between schedules. So I decided that since the bus went by the comic book store I would drop in and get this month’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (which was delightfully goofy BTW). There are 2 different lines that serve the building housing the comic book store so I took a different one back to the transit hub so I would not have to wait the rest of an hour for the bus I took from Carrollton. Well it was a good thing that this particular line serves one of the local HS and they change from a minibus to a regular bus for the two schedules right after school lets out, because my wallet did not go inside my pocket when I put it back after using my day pass and fell on the floor between the seat and the wall of the bus. When the driver came back we found the wallet on the floor right where it had fallen on the last run before changing to the full-size bus. That was a relief. Then I got home just in time to leave for Grocery Day. I got done with the grocery shopping right before 1800, so pretty much running non-stop (except for waiting for the bus several times) for 12 hours. And factor in the panic mode when I couldn’t find my wallet for about 90 minutes with my ID, ATM card, and all the money I took out for groceries for the next two weeks, and well I have had better days.

So, how was your day? Leave a comment.

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Still plugging along on the Mini Sprint-T

Well, that was interesting. I just spent 2 hours measuring a picture in a catalog for the shocks I’m using on the Mini Sprint-T. There’s a company in western NY that machines custom coilover shocks in scale for models in addition to other things I have already bought from them. But in order to do that they need exact dimensions to work with, hence the hours measuring a picture with calipers and plugging the numbers into a calculator to convert to scale. Now I have a headache and my eyes keep trying to cross from lining up the points on the caliper with the thing I was trying to measure and then read the display while the battery was dying.

Moving to something tastier, I tried drinking the Deep Ellum Brewing Double Brown Stout from a glass instead of straight from the can. There was a lot of carbonation released by pouring into the glass, so much that the character of the beer changed drastically after pouring and letting the head disperse. The carbonation carried away a lot of the hop notes in the flavor while leaving the malty goodness and coffee/chocolate notes behind. To my taste then pouring into a glass makes the beer considerably better than drinking straight from the can.

So anyway my head hurts, probably from my allergies or trying to cut back on caffeine after dinner, so Ima stop doing this and hit the bed.

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happy day all you mothers, and I have a new favorite beer

Today is the day we celebrate our mothers. I loved my mom even though she drove me crazy. But I have to post this video.

On the other half of the headline I bought a sixpack of local beer at the local supermart for less than a sixer of Shiner. I was attracted by both the price and the reputation of the brewer, Deep Ellum Brewing. As you can tell from the headline I was not disappointed in their Double Brown Stout.
I like dark beers.
This beer is seriously smooth and drinkable with lots of flavor without having so much hops that you think you’re drinking from the medicine chest. I sometimes enjoy an IPA, but I will always come back to a rich, smooth stout. And notice that I never mention American Pilsner when I list beers I like…

And on a completely different note, I have sharks in my birdbaths in my Virtual Garden. I have no idea how they got there, I just know that there are no birds using the birdbaths.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Opus

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Today is not Mexican Independence Day like so many think it is, it commemorates a glorious victory over French invaders. Still a good excuse to drink beer with lime wedges.

So, go have a beer, eat some real Mexican food (what we call Mex-Mex here in TX), and raise a toast to the brave soldiers and peasants who ran off French soldiers trying to take their land.

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