I was supposed to be playing D&D today

But because of all the pollen I exposed myself to while I was coming back from the Lab Rat Keeper I woke up this morning in whiteout conditions. I managed to text the GM that I couldn’t see when I woke up and did not feel safe in walking to the bus stop when I could not see the cars coming while I tried to cross the road. Bad thing is I haven’t gotten a reply back to that text.

Speaking of what went down yesterday… I had to get up at 0500 to get dressed and eat breakfast for the day so I could leave at 0600 and catch the 0613 schedule bus. Basically all I did was get my BP taken and wait around to have it taken again, then schedule a time to get fitted with the ambulatory BPM, which is a BP cuff that stays on my arm for 24-48 hours, depending on the study and the model monitor. I wore one back about 8 years or so and they beep about every 20 minutes and do a blood pressure test, the beep is to let you know you need to keep still for a bit while the test is conducted. After I got done with the appointment I decided to make a quick run up the street to the Carrollton branch of my credit union, where I got stuck for over an hour because I came up on a bus that did not have a return route because it was at the end of morning rush. So I decided to stop at a noodle place for lunch as it was now 11:30-ish and I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since before 0600. I got the small cup of noodles and veggies and got done just in time to watch the bus go by the stop with a 60 minute gap between schedules. So I decided that since the bus went by the comic book store I would drop in and get this month’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (which was delightfully goofy BTW). There are 2 different lines that serve the building housing the comic book store so I took a different one back to the transit hub so I would not have to wait the rest of an hour for the bus I took from Carrollton. Well it was a good thing that this particular line serves one of the local HS and they change from a minibus to a regular bus for the two schedules right after school lets out, because my wallet did not go inside my pocket when I put it back after using my day pass and fell on the floor between the seat and the wall of the bus. When the driver came back we found the wallet on the floor right where it had fallen on the last run before changing to the full-size bus. That was a relief. Then I got home just in time to leave for Grocery Day. I got done with the grocery shopping right before 1800, so pretty much running non-stop (except for waiting for the bus several times) for 12 hours. And factor in the panic mode when I couldn’t find my wallet for about 90 minutes with my ID, ATM card, and all the money I took out for groceries for the next two weeks, and well I have had better days.

So, how was your day? Leave a comment.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


One response to “I was supposed to be playing D&D today

  1. I have nightmares about losing my wallet.


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