About to move to therapeutic levels of the test med, finally

Five weeks after I started on the program I finally get to a level of dosage that might have an effect on my BP. Four weeks of getting rid of the medication used in the SPRINT trial to get my metabolism back to base level, one week of reduced dosage of the BP med to see if I get any adverse reactions, and today (when I get back up after putting the post and myself to bed) I go to full dosage for someone with my body mass. I’m not gonna lie, I was doing fantastic on the amlodipine as my primary BP med except for the leg swelling, which has pretty much gone away during the washout phase of the new trial. The only adverse effect I have noticed with the new med is an increased tendency for pollen to get to me and goop up my eyes and congest my nose. We will see what happens after I up the dose to the next level.

PSA, Opus


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