My Father’s day was a week early, the rest of you have a great day.

My kids took me out for seafood at Pappadeaux last Saturday and I did pretty good in the presents department. I was going to brag last Sunday but Some Asshole decided to shoot up a gay club in Orlando and I really wasn’t in the mood any more.

That’s a 24-oz capacity insulated cup, that will keep warm coffee drinkable for at least 6 hours, and iced drinks iced for more than 8 hours (I can’t say exactly how much more, but there was ice left in the cup when my drink was done after 8 hours). The background is a limited edition ST:TOS T-shirt commemorating the Mirror, Mirror episode. The present I treasure the most is the 4-star Dragonball plushie. My son tells me the package said it was a keychain, but none of the pants pockets I have will hold it by itself, much less with keys on it.

This makes the third Father’s Day since my father died in 2012. I finally managed to process he’s not here and I’m starting to miss him. Dad and I were never close, but we would talk every so often. One of those times was when tragedies like Orlando would happen and we would try to make some sense of it together. Now I have to try to make sense out of the senseless on my own.

And there is racing on the idiot box (all night long) so I’m cutting this one short now. Y’all have a good time Sunday.

PSA, Opus


3 responses to “My Father’s day was a week early, the rest of you have a great day.

  1. Opus, I wrote this, I want your critique:

    “One thing completely overlooked in this discussion is the level of blood sugar in the cyclists blood. This is what powers the muscles, and thereby the bicycle. A human on a bicycle can not be expected to rocket up to highway speed within 5 seconds of a light turning green. It’s a matter of physiology, and while the motorists poison the bicyclists by pumping carbon monoxide in their faces, the cyclist has to maintain 22 mile per hour on the equivalent of a quarter of a horsepower.
    As for blood sugar; many people are aware that exercise can prevent or control, type 2 diabetes. With the epidemic of that malady currently in progress, is it not difficult to understand why so many people are turning to cycling?
    The cost of health care is offset by encoraging more people to cycle. Many more people would wish to take-up cycling, but thet would like some sort of assurance that they won’t be mowed down from behind… I shopuld pause here and concede that I feel it is the cyclists duty to watch where he/she is going, and look left and right at crosswalks and other intersections… There is NO requirement for cyclists to have rear-view mirrors, and God still doesn’t put eyes in the back of peoples heads… Everyone needs to watch where-they-are-going ! A cyclist can start to run a red light, and then in an instant, second-guess himself, swerve, and stop safely next to a fire hydrant on the cross street… But YOU can’t do that with your car! it’s physically impossible…
    Back to blood sugar which I meant to discuss; Low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, can cause a cyclist to become delerious. This could be the result of ultra endurance cycling, more than 20 miles of cycling, ( some would say 60 miles ). Many sports beverage manufacturers claim their product will raise blood sugar. But again, sugar, or too much sugar, is bad for you. That beverage is meant for people who ride more than 20 miles a day, or run more than 5 miles a day, if you sit and drink it on your couch, it’s probably worse than beer and pretzels. ”
    (NOTE: This writer is NOT a physician, and if you think you have a problem with blood sugar, you should see an actual physician and ask him to check your A1C level.)
    My 2¢


    • Opus the Poet

      One minor quibble, the 250W continuous a cyclist can put out is 1/3 HP. But everything else is similar to what my friends with diabetes tell me except for the ultra endurance thing. What I hear from them is more than 8 hours a day of high aerobic exercise is “ultra-endurance”. So somewhere around 100 miles of cycling.

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  2. we’ll have a moonlight ride Sunday… I’ll be thinkin’ of my father who drew his last rattling breath in 1996 but lives on…


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