Brexit and Witch on a Bicycle

Yes Brexit does have an effect on us here at Casa de El Poeta. One of our spawn is living in Edinburgh, and has naturalized. Now she gets to vote in the next Scottish Independence election. Hopefully this time they won’t allow the rest of the UK to decide if Scotland wants to leave.

But seriously, the pound had the worst single-day decline in value since Germany post-WWI, and I’m just guessing that the mark was worse during hyperinflation… Nope, this was even worse than that according to Wikipedia. The mark never lost as much in a single day as the pound did yesterday.

The money that the right was “promising” would go to the NHS? If it ever existed, the loss of value in the pound wiped all that and more. I’m more inclined to think it was a “political” promise, worth exactly as much as unicorn farts and fairy dust, only less real. After all unicorns did exist at one time (European rhinoceroses with single long horns existed at the end of the ice age) and their intestinal gas is now long dispersed, the £350 million per week to the NHS was pure fantasy. I’m not sure if my daughter still works for the NHS or not, but this will seriously effect her even if she’s no longer working for them. After all NHS is pretty much the only game in town, or not in town if you live in the countryside.

I suppose the takeaway from this is to beware the power of stupid people in large numbers, because they can hurt you.

PSA Opus

One response to “Brexit and Witch on a Bicycle

  1. Hope reasonably wise people prevail and find a way to mitigate the stupidity.


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