Daily Archives: July 12, 2016

Did you get your free Slurpee on 7/11?

Yes, I trudged in the heat to get my free Slurpee™ and a bag of chips while I was going to the shoe store to replace the worn-out shoes I was walking in.

In spite of appearances I don’t drag my feet when I walk, this damage is the result of my push-off. And the fact these shoes are ancient, at least 3 and maybe 4 years old, but I doubt they are 4. I have a strong memory of it being summer and after my Dad died when I got these shoes modified for my leg length discrepancy. So that would make them 3 YO. And getting back to the flappy toes, once the sole wears past the vamp it tries to depart the shoe in short order. I went from intact shoe to overly-ventilated in less than 4 weeks. And I had a lot of miles in those 4 weeks, in spite of taking the bus most trips it is still 0.8 miles to get to and from the bus plus whatever walking to get to and from the bus at my destination.

So, anyway getting back to the Slurpee™ I got a Cherry Coke one, and a bag of Cheetos Flaming Hot Puffs™ which dyed my fingers bright red. I had to walk a mile to get to the 7-11 because I only had enough money to buy a 2 hour pass which would have expired before I could catch the bus home from the shoe store. But as I was buying the 2 hour pass the bus driver hit the button for the senior citizen/disabled day pass which is the same price, so I could have saved myself 0.6 miles of walking in a 105°F heat index.

Tomorrow I get to starve myself so they can take blood at the Lab Rat Keeper for this new study med. I don’t like it much myself, it has failed to control my BP within acceptable levels (in fact it barely lowered my BP at all, from 150 systolic to 140) and some of the side effects are distinctly unpleasant. I can’t say what the side effects might be because of my NDA, and stating my systolic pressure publically might be exceeding my NDA as well. But dangit, I normally respond well to BP meds except diuretics and this one is just not doing the job at the dose for my weight.

And because this is still a bike blog we have another commuter race from the still-UK (until Scotland and Wales get their exit votes). Bus vs bike vs car – who wins in the commuting race into Cambridge? The rat-running photographer “won” the race, but as he did not abide by the rules to not “rat run” (drive through residential streets to bypass traffic) his time did not count.

Billed @€0.02, Opus