Daily Archives: August 23, 2016

It’s amazing what can happen when you’re not depressed

I went for a walk today to get some cat food from the store and to max out the captures on the phone game I play that pays me money to play, then I sat down with my wife and had a conversation. Pre-medication I might have been able to do the first, but I probably would not have been able to do the second, and doing both in the same day, much less one right after the other, would have been a miracle. That’s the difference between mild depression and none. Mild depression I can go to the doctor, or cook dinner, or sit down and have a conversation, but not all on the same day. Without depression I can walk two miles to the store in the heat, have a long conversation with my wife, and cook all of dinner all on the same day without feeling like I was drowning, or some other overwhelming feeling.

Mrs. the Poet was like “Who are you and where did you put my husband?” over the difference. She has never known me from before I was depressed. I’m not sure but I think she likes the non-depressed person better. I know I do.

PSA, Opus

Trip to the Lab Rat Keeper, and something strange and wonderful on my YT Music channel

I’ll start with the strange and wonderful. I did a search on YTM a few months ago for “Personal Jesus” looking for the DePeche Mode song but also saying I wanted all versions, and one cover I found was by The Man In Black. No not Dale Earnhardt Sr. the other man in black, Johnny Cash. And it was 100% serious, Christian music done by someone who doesn’t just mouth the words and then go do something else. It was strange and wonderful, and I was truly moved listening to it. You can find it by using the search string “Johnny cash personal jesus” at YouTube.

Now the visit to the Lab Rat Keeper. My BP came up a tiny bit in the week I was off Bystolic, but not much. I’m all the way up to 120/86. One of the ways I know the Bystolic is not yet out of my system is I still have a pulse that just barely gets to 50 in spite of the fact I haven’t been able to ride anything but a stationary bike in two years now. And I get deadly bored on a stationary bike after just a few minutes so I quit. I lost another 3 pounds to get to 206.6 which still leaves me with a BMI in the “obese” range. I swear that people will be able to see my ribs and I will have a BMI at or near 30, the bottom of the obese range.

I’m still working on the Mini Sprint-T even as the parts are slowly wending their way to Casa de El Poeta. The thing I’m working on now is making a driveshaft that looks like a driveshaft. I have the raw stock but I completely lack any way to make the U-joints that look like the real thing only smaller. I could go with the “lincoln logs” method to make a master to pull a mold from and cast my own simulated U-joint ends and then sell them to other builders, as I understand this is a common problem. Is this a problem for you? Leave a comment.

PSA, Opus