Update on the T-bucket project.

The person with the minivan that had offered me a practically free engine and transmission from a running vehicle has rescinded that offer but offered a free recently rebuilt engine and transmission from another Chrysler minivan with a bad computer. The engine runs and the transmission goes forward and reverse but the glitchy controller keeps it locked in 2nd gear (failsafe mode) going forward so they have parked the car in the back of the house for several years. Since I’m going to have to use a different controller anyway the fact that the factory one has gone Tango Uniform is of no importance. And “free” beats the hell outta “real cheap”.

The engine and transmission controllers will both come from the people who make the Mega Squirt engine computer for engine swaps but I’m going with the Simplesquirt engine controller and the Megashift transmission controller, mainly because there is a version of the Megashift made specifically for my transmission, and because the Simplesquirt is several hundred dollars less expensive than the next cheapest controller. And the Megashift was likewise much less expensive than the only other controller I found so far and has much more capability. Did I mention that I like cheap, that I am cheap?

One of the things I like about the Simplesquirt is it has the capability of having two fuel/spark maps for different fuels or uses, like one for regular gas on the street and interstates and another on e85 for autocrossing, user selectable at startup.

Also I had to close out one of my accounts on the job that will end on 12/31 so I had to miss a Shadowrun game today… 😦 And there will be one more check after 12/31 from this job and then it’s over, no more money. It never was much money but some is always better than none.

I have to get up early tomorrow for morning service…

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable Badass


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