Daily Archives: December 1, 2016

A Compromise Has Been Reached

After much discussion with Mrs. the Poet (including several suggestions of where the other could go, both polite or not) we have reached an agreement on the hot rod.

It was agreed that placing an arbitrary veto on any activity was unfair, so we discussed why Mrs. the Poet was unhappy about building a hot rod. The primary objection was local codes’ propensity for hauling off parts cars after an unreasonably short period of time, and also their propensity for removing projects not completed to their satisfaction as when they came and sawed up my bench I made from a large fallen branch after the ice storm a few years back. I had finished the rough cuts and was waiting for the wood to finish drying out to install the lamp fixtures and cup holders when they snuck into the back yard with electric chain saws and sawed it up. The worry was we would get repeated tickets for the donor vehicle and if they allowed enough time to get all the parts needed to construct the hot rod at some point prior to completion they would remove the hot rod as well.

So the compromise we reached was we would clean out the garage so I could build the hot rod inside. That means we have some stuff that needs getting rid of, like the 12 bikes that were “donated” to my custom bike building business (dumped here when kids outgrew them most likely), the entertainment center my daughter didn’t know what to do with after they got the wide-screen TV, and a bunch of other stuff that was left here by the kids when they moved out or left by previous tenants when they moved out. Most of the stuff will be free or damned cheap. I also have an original engine from a BD-5 airplane kit that I bought for $200 that I’m willing to part with for $100, and a VW single-port engine and a stack of dual-port heads that I’ll let go for $5 for as a set. All prices F.O.B. Beautiful Suburb of Hell, AKA my garage door. You want it you gotta come get it with $$ in fist, no checks, no credit cards, and NO returns. No holds will be placed on any items, first come first served. Autographs sold for $1. 😀 I don’t really expect too much demand for autographs. If you want the engines or bicycles before the date eventually set for the sale leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

I’ll post the sale date when determined, probably some time in the Spring.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable Badass