It is freaking cold out

The local temperature went from 71°F(23C) Saturday afternoon to a 0°F wind chill with 17° (-8C) still air temp on Sunday morning. Mrs. the Poet was sick on her B-Day from the rapid temperature change and even my body was made uncomfortable by the rapid change. But the people I was most concerned about were the local unsheltered homeless people. For them, lacking access to lots of blankets and high-calorie foods the rapid change in temperature could have been fatal.

I’m going for the 5 mile walk after I post this. This is the one that gets me 190 points on my phone game that pays me money to play instead of the 125 points for doing the same number of check-ins on the 3.75 mile walk. There are 3 big point check-ins on the long walk that I don’t get on the shorter walk, plus the longer the walk the better for my <3. I'm wearing tights over my long underwear under my jeans with the holes in the legs so I don't get sore knees from the cold while my other pair of long pants are in the laundry. I have less than 2 weeks to get an additional 4500 points before the end of the year to clear $100 for the year. I’m real close now to getting the weekly dollar and the $5 extra card before 1/1/2017. I have a bunch of gigs that all pay about the same, ~$100/an. Some are more work than others, the phone game requires I leave the house and go places to make the most money from it, the others are mostly internet based and require me to be at home most of the time. I’m losing the internet secret shopper gig the end of this month, but I’m hoping the selling plasma gig will work out better in the long run. This is what it’s like when you’re too disabled to get regular work but not disabled enough to get SSI disability payments. Anyway after the Trumpites get into government there won’t be any SSI Disability payments so it’s good that I have already set up my own “safety net”.

Well I have to go get dressed and hit the bricks. More l8er.

Billed €0.02, Opus the Unkillable Badass

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