Daily Archives: January 2, 2017

What’s two steps past “pissed” on the angry scale?

I went for the big points on my walk again today, only to be foiled by a reset in point values after I got to the first big point check-in. There were two 30 point check-ins at the WalMart. I checked into the first and got the 30 points, but the app reset and all the rest of the check-ins were back at 5 points with no bonuses. That means instead of getting 100 points on those 3 check-ins I got 40 and next time they will only be worth 15 points. I can walk a lot less and still get the 25 check-in bag limit at 5 points per check-in. Just making the loop around the neighborhood is 3.74 miles and lets me bypass one check-in and still hit my limit. The route I took today was 4.64 miles which would have been worth it if I had gotten the 85 extra points, but for 25 points more? That’s a whole extra penny in real money, not worth the extra effort and wear and tear on my shoes.

No don’t get me wrong, I made $107 last year by being ruthless in check-ins and hunting down prize boxes on the map. That’s $107 more than I would have without the game. I’m just feeling like I was bait-and-switched since I started playing the game as the points have gone way down, but the point costs for the prizes has stayed the same. Just FYI in 2015 I made almost $100 in 7 months of playing intermittently, in 2016 I attacked the game almost every day I had service for the entire year and made $9 more.

The other thing that’s bothering me is my last check from the secret shopper gig was mailed out Saturday. I hope we got the bonus this quarter because we won’t have another chance to get it. This was another gig that paid out about $100 +/- a year for basically hanging out on the internet and shopping with someone else’s credit cards only I never got to get any of the stuff I bought. Everything went to the billing address for the card, never to me. Most of the stuff I ordered I wouldn’t take if you paid me for it, but that’s what the gig called for, buying what I would consider crap on the internet for someone I wasn’t even sure was a real human. Whatever they were trying to find out they found out and now that gig is ghostville, vanished.

Now I get to start my new gig selling blood plasma. Plusses include making $400/mo at a single gig, minuses are having to go to the donation center and get stabbed in the arm several times a month. Neutral to plus is I don’t have to quit my lab rat gig, but I might have to give up the plasma gig for some medications on the lab rat gig. At any rate the lab rat gig is currently primary unless things change and I no longer get maintenance meds for free. Then I don’t know what will happen.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable Badass