Daily Archives: January 27, 2017

OUCH! and other comments after visiting the Lab Rat Keeper

It seems I have a pain problem. When I do something stupid and injure myself I don’t always hardly ever feel it at the time, like when I messed up the bottom of my foot at the beginning of the month. Well I had places to go on the way back from the Lab Rat Keeper and I had to do a lot of standing around to do those things and then stand around waiting on the bus for almost an hour after each time I stopped for an errand. I was a little uncomfortable yesterday, but this morning I woke up practically unable to move. And it was mostly my right leg, not the one that got all mangled in the wreck, that hurt.

Going back to the LRK visit, I had to change my BP meds again. The ones prescribed at the last visit were too strong and took my pressure down too low, which is worse than too high. Too high can kill in a couple of years, too low can kill you, like this afternoon. So I’m back on the meds I was on before the trial on the experimental med. That one takes me down right to the upper limit of hypotension using the smallest dose, leaving me room for temporary BP increases due to exercise. It’s kinda annoying in a way, because the med I was on that was lowering my BP too much would have been free for the rest of my life because I was on the human trials that got it approved. I can’t just cut the pill in half because it is a mix of two meds and not uniform throughout the pill. I could get a full dose of the BP med and none of the med that controls the side effects, or just the side effect drug and nothing to reduce BP. Both of those would be bad for different reasons.

As for what I needed to do after the visit to the LRK, well I had a coupon for a moving quilt at Harbor Frieght for only $6, and I needed to get my pulls at the comic shop. I used the generic plural term, but I only get one comic, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. You gotta love a hero who can single-handedly take out all the heros and all the villains of the Marvel Universe at the age of 19 and still has her head on straight. Seriously, when she’s not trying to take over the world to keep squirrels from getting killed (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe graphic novel, still available from your local independant comic shop) she doesn’t so much beat up the bad guys as try to understand what they need and then come up with a mutually beneficial way of meeting their needs without hurting anyone. And the reason I can say she did all of this at 19 YO is this issue was her canon 20th birthday (and 25th anniversary of her first appearance).

And I didn’t get the moving quilt because I need to pad some fine furniture while I move it. I got it because it makes a warm but not too warm, nearly indestructible blanket for camping. Seriously, this is the best camping blanket I ever bought. The only thing I have against it as a blanket is the color choices. They couldn’t make this in a nice neutral brown or sage green? Blue is not bad but greens and browns are better for camping. Also machine washable and dryable, water resistant to keep condensation from breathing in the tent off of people but still allow water vapor from perspiration out… Seriously why isn’t someone marketing these as camping blankets?

And now I’m starting to hurt again so I had better end this and get horizontal again. Seriously, the bad leg looks like I’m smuggling volleyballs and the “good” leg feels like the second time I got hit by the truck back in the ’70s. Not as bad as the third time but still pretty uncomfortable.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable