Daily Archives: February 2, 2017

This was a mixed kinda day

First the good news, I got out of the house and I’m not in horrible pain. In fact I feel pretty god physically right now. Now the Bad News, I lost my wallet with my ID and ATM card. And my bus pass and $10 but I managed to get home without the bus pass and the $10 can be replaced. I was fortunate that on my way back I was never asked to present my bus pass and the same guy that sold me my pass remembered me on the return trip to the house from the transit station.

On other good news I got the presta adapters and the tire is pumped up now, I’ll get the other tire tomorrow then go out and collect high-point check-ins. I was fortunate to have a large handful of loose change I grabbed off my desk before I left the house to pay for the adapters. I’m also fortunate that there will be a Starbucks to wait around in near the big point check-ins so I can keep warm when the temperature drops tomorrow.

And I need to go do Other Things now so time to put this post to bed.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable