Daily Archives: April 2, 2017

I have been busy even without Internet

Even without Internet access I have been busy on the Mid-Bucket and the Mini Sprint-T. For the Mini Sprint-T I have been modifying the resin castings into the right width wheels with the file and the digital calipers to keep track how wide the front and back halves of the wheel were. That takes a couple of hours for each wheel. For the Mid-Bucket I have been sketching to get the things I see in my mind on paper where you can see them, but not yet because they look like crap and are only partly done. I got the basic ideas down but as I was working I realized I had forgotten something very important, I neglected to include a mounting point for the front 4-bar on the frame. That’s kinda important as that’s what keeps the front axle in front, and not someplace in the middle of the car. And also controls axle wind-up under braking.

How I discovered that was I was thinking about what size links to put in my build list, and couldn’t remember how far the axle was from the 4 bar mounts. Then I tried to remember where the mounts were by remembering where the structure went when the penny dropped and I realized I had left some very important bits off the frame. And also left off the bits that triangulated the mounts for both the front and rear 4 bars. Not a great tragedy, but there would be some flex in the mounts without the bracing, enough maybe to feel under hard braking while racing. I did figure out where to mount the frame ends of the 4 bars, on the roll cage front and rear hoops. And I did figure out how to brace them so they won’t move around. It made the frame about 10 pounds heavier, but really there was nothing else I could have done except leave the mounts all floppy. Also the braces make getting in and out of the car much easier, like having a ladder permanently mounted on the side of the car.

The other thing that sketching out the frame did was confirm the engine mounts will in fact come naturally close to frame members, especially the front and rear mounts on the center rear frame member, but the left and right mounts are going to be right on and real close to the rear diagonal frame members, respectively. That means all the engine mounts are going to be on the bottom plane of the frame, but with the braces the rear of the frame is going to resemble a Birdcage Maserati.

All those tubes but no rollover protection...

Look at all those weld joints!

Now obviously I’m not going to go with such a complicated design, especially since it isn’t any lighter or stiffer than what I’m doing.

And since I need to get up early-ish tomorrow I’m putting this one to bed, and then me right after.