Daily Archives: April 29, 2017

Making your life fit in a game

I spent the afternoon trying to create a playable character out of my life experiences. Let’s just say I’m going to be a Street Samurai who will be very hard to take down after we calculated what it would take to survive all the times I have taken hits from trucks, I’m on the high end of what would be a troll body, but I’m still human. But the real good part is in the game I will have new legs, new eyes, and my brain damage will get fixed. Even though it’s all a fantasy, the thought of actually having a body that works…

I will be taking my Army combat training with me in the game, and also using my prosthetics as enhancements to do what my body never could IRL.

And I just fell asleep and faceplanted right into the keyboard, because I was getting up way early to get to the game session, 0930 when I don’t even get to sleep until about 0500. So I’m going to bed now.