Walking and thinking

As I take my daily walks I think about things. Politics, sexual fantasies, how to run a Cox TD .049 on FAI fuel (been working on that one for almost 30 years now and still haven’t solved it satisfactorily, the last attempt set the model airplane on fire and me, too), RPG characters… Anywho I was thinking about making the blog better. One thing I could do is write better posts, but alas I’m writing at the best of my ability as it is. Another thing I could do is change the graphics theme for the blog, but I wouldn’t want to do that without input from my current readers. So I will put a poll up and see what you want.


4 responses to “Walking and thinking

  1. Mr. Opus,
    you used to post great comments on bikeportland. Today I felt your absence more acutely than most as we were discussing the statistics of being hit-from-behind while biking. Well, actually we weren’t discussing them, we were making stuff up because you weren’t there to set us straight. Is this something you still track? It would be great to hear from you.


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    • Opus the Poet

      I stopped tracking bike wrecks to preserve what was left of my sanity, sorry.


      • I completely understand. I’m fine with something less than the most current statistics, or did you make a complete break, burn your files?

        Either way it is good to hear form you.

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      • Opus the Poet

        Try checking the tags for hit from behind, I haven’t deleted anything but the links in the posts might be broken. I still can’t read my wreck posts.


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