Not happy

Seriously, I need to get started on this car before I do something drastic. All I need is parts and raw stock. I can’t even make bicycles any more as Mrs. the Poet sold all my parts bikes and spares, to “make room” for me to work. Truth is she has been dying to get rid of them for years.

But seriously I am getting to the point that if I don’t get to building I will just stop from frustration. I have been here before, lots of enthusiasm until it gets to the point that I’m not seeing progress and haven’t seen any progress for a while. I’m hoping that getting the brake hone and installing the spindles will push the needle a bit off the peg towards the “progress” side of the gauge. And TBH the parts I have gotten so far this year are “progress” in a sense. So, no dead bodies in the back yard any time soon, and I’m not fast enough to bury live ones. “Drastic” is temporarily averted. And I have come a long way since this day.
2014 seems like such a long time ago.

And now that I got that off my chest, I’m going to bed.


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