Daily Archives: July 5, 2017

I got new shoes and a new wire brush

Not much to say today. I spent most of the day wandering around buying things. I got the screwdrivers Mrs. the Poet wanted me to get, a wire brush for my angle grinder, some microfiber wash cloths (meant for cars but they feel so good on my skin), and a pair of dykes all from Harbor Freight. I also got new shoes from the Finish Line, because my old ones were see-through in places. I think this might have contributed to my foot pain from earlier since there was basically only the sock liner left between me and the sidewalk.

Tomorrow I have to go do the things I couldn’t do yesterday because the stores were closed on the 4th. Also buy cat food.

Interesting thing that happened, I went into a fast food place to buy a drink and they just gave me a soft drink, handed me a cup and said “go fill it”. Of course it was like 95°F outside with a “feels like” of 103 in the sun, and no shade at the bus stop in front of the fast food place. At any rate the drink was greatly appreciated.

And now I have to go to be because I have a busy day planned for tomorrow with much bus riding.