Radical concept that might change the world

I’m gonna throw something out there that might change the world, or go nowhere. In fact I’m pretty sure it will go nowhere, but it is something that must be put into the open: freedom for corporations.

Follow my logic on this one: corporations are people under the Constitution of the United States of America. That was settled way back in the 19th century shortly after the Civil War. Unscrupulous people were trying to use the recently-passed amendments to the Constitution to create a special status for corporations to escape taxes and they mostly succeeded. Corporations were “people” with “rights”. But they were still “things” to be owned in spite of their status as “people”. I’m not 100% sure but I think this was intended to be an end run around the 13th Amendment to allow former slaves to be reclaimed by their owners but that never materialized. Instead we have seen an ever-increasing array of corporate “rights” granted until they have more rights than actual living people. I say grant corps one more right, one that has been denied since they were first granted the legal fiction of “personhood”, apply the 13th Amendment to apply fully to corporations. Declare them free!

No more stockholders, no more boards of directors, no more Chief Executive Officers sucking corporate money dry, robbing the corporation literally blind. Mitt Romney used to do this regularly buying up small corps and extracting money from them until they ceased to exist. Under my proposal that would be murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

And if it’s determined that corporations can’t exist without human ownership, then declare them not people. People can determine their own fate without input from others and continue to exist independently. If corporations can’t do that then they are not “people” and do not have rights.


2 responses to “Radical concept that might change the world

  1. Give corporations to the workers. Or at least have 50% of the board members be workers, like Germany.


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