Daily Archives: July 30, 2017

I need people

I’m a little over a month without Mrs. the Poet now and I’m suffering from a lack of human contact. There was someone who was supposed to check in on me and make sure I ate enough and showered regularly, but injury and work schedules have caused that to not happen. So are there any readers in the DFW area feel like doing a human kindness? Anyone feel like taking me out for a burger and fries?

Kyle Busch just won the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup race at Pocono, for his first win of the season. For some reason I have the urge to buy a package of Caramel M&Ms now. 😀 There is an Indy Car race that I missed the live broadcast that will have a rebroadcast after the NASCAR race post-race show. I also missed the NHRA race from Sonoma that was also broadcast at the same time. All the races were on at the same time, whose idea was that? And now the replay of the Hungarian Gran Prix F1 is on the same channel as the other two races.

I mentioned getting a burger earlier, but to be honest most of my protein intake has been in the form of frozen burritos and PBJ sandwiches. I have been watching my intake lately because of my budget. I should write it down and sell it as “The Poverty Diet“. I have been spending about $20 (US) per week on groceries including the cat’s food. I haven’t felt too deprived, mainly because of things like that $0.50 frozen pie and $0.75 2 liter soft drinks. I just need to be careful not to get the soft drinks with the corn syrup sweetener.

I need to get up early tomorrow so I’m cutting this off now.