I wanna race car, and a sane world

And I guess maybe a pony? A billion bucks? Beautiful sexy girlfriend? Vacation home in space? Anything else unattainable I left off the list?

But seriously, the two items in the headline are at the top of the list, in either order. Please.

And yeah maybe I could get the TGS2 finished before I can’t get in and out of it any more. That would be fantastic.

Now what do I consider sane? How about making it harder to get a machine gun than an abortion to start with? How about making it impossible to get a machine guns and easy to get an abortion? I know both are “rights”, but who really needs to kill more than 50 people in 15 minutes, vs. how many women sometimes need to end a pregnancy when their lives are in danger? How about making roads that are safe for bicyclists and pedestrians to use? How about equal pay for equal work? Add anything you think I missed (a lot) in the comments.

I wanna write about the TGS2 more, but this is not the post for that. Remember to leave what I forgot to include in the comments.


2 responses to “I wanna race car, and a sane world

  1. Fund education & stuff for children so they grow up secure and able to think for themselves, but with the world in mind. People won’t do all those sensible things ’cause they don’t think clearly.

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    • Opus the Poet

      And moral education too, not just the sort of morals they teach in churches these days. I know atheists who have more Christian morals than most of the evangelicals I know, or knew I should say because when I saw what their morals were like I kinda ditched the relationships.


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