Daily Archives: October 4, 2017

Still trying to make the car better

Yep, until I can scrape up the $$ for tools and materials I’m iterating the design. Iteration is basically a fancy word for “trial and error”. I make a design in the CAD program and then animate it to see where it doesn’t work, then make changes and test again.

The front end is pretty much designed and all the stuff I have been doing has been pretty much wasting time on the 2.1’s IFS that I’m not going to build because I already have the straight tube axle and most of the bits to bolt it in. I’m just doing the IFS because I’m stalled with zero $$ available for building.

Another place I’m stalled is the back of the car. I need the actual engine and transmission from the donor car sitting over in Dallas to measure against before I can even start to do the back half of the car. Right now I have only the mounting points for the rear suspension known, and not even all of those. Some of the rear suspension mounting points depend on knowing where the upper frame rail is going to be, and that depends on where the transmission mount and the passenger side engine mount are. And I can’t do that until I get the engine hoist (AKA “cherry picker”) to get said engine and transmission out of the donor vehicle. And also getting the donor vehicle over here to strip the usable parts from. I can find pictures of the 3.3/3.8 V6 with the 41TE but there is nothing to scale off of to get the mounting points for the actual mounts. It’s very frustrating.

Everything I try to do is blocked by lack, lack of parts, lack of information, but mostly by lack of money. In fact if I had the money the car would be built already because the other problems only exist because I’m trying to work around a lack of money. This whole thing revolves around my lack of money. The old saying is wrong, money is not the root of all evil, the lack of money is the root of all evil. Well maybe not all evil, they’re still trying to figure out why the LV shooter (I refuse to refer to him by name) shot roughly 600 people, and he was a multi-millionaire. He had no lack of money, and AFAIK all those murders did nothing for his bottom line.

Well I need to cut this one short because tomorrow is bean day and I have a welding job to do.