Daily Archives: October 8, 2017

Strange late B-Day presents

Well the crazy lady that used to live in what is now my office came by with her birthday present, a Haynes Manual to a vehicle I don’t own, have zero expectations of owning, and don’t even know where to get fuel for on this planet.

I mean have you seen an anti-matter service station in your neighborhood?

I mean seriously, where did they even find one to disassemble for the pictures? Turns out it is not a practical private vessel even once it has been deMilled by disabling or removing the weaponry, because there are almost no owner-serviceable systems unless you keep an Imperial Klingon Fleet-trained engineer on board as well as a large supply of spares because the on-board machine shop is not equipped with the equipment to make parts much bigger or more complex than the brackets to attach bits and pieces together. Considering that most of that equipment is larger than the ship itself…

In other news I figured out another way to build a T-bucket designed to handle rather than drag race. Go down to Houston and buy a flood-damaged Corvette cut the front and rear complete suspensions off and build a compatible frame between them for literal Corvette handling combined with Bucket power to weight ratio. That’s one of the advantages of insomnia, you get a lot of thinking done. Inspiration from the Roadkill ‘vette cart and Leroy of the Cleetus McFarland YouTube channel, because the exoskeleton roll cages used would be enough to hold the cars together without the existing Corvette frame they are welded and bolted to. That would be a hundred to several hundred pounds less weight to cart around and result in a ‘vette cart with a real body that could be licensed much more easily that just building a bucket from scratch. And if a C5 or later Corvette was used there would actually be room in the foot box for 3 pedals to run a manual transmission.