If the GOP tax plan passes I will lose another job

No way to sugarcoat this one, if the GOP Tax Scam passes one of my side hustles will literally become illegal. It’s only $6/month, but that’s another $6 I won’t have after it goes into effect. As it stands right now I’ll lose a minimum of $23 if I can’t get all of my earned credits cashed out before the law goes into effect. Now if I can wait until after January before cashing out I can save that $23 from getting lost to the Feds. Seriously, this takes a chunk outta my bottom line that will be hard to replace.

On the TGS2 I figured out how to get heat and AC in a car with no top or side windows. The trick is to build a box that gets heat and AC and put a helmet pumper and a fan and ducting to the seat back to make it warm in the winter and cool in the summer with heated or cooled air to my head from my helmet pumper. So I get warm in the winter and cool in the summer and no need to pull anything off the engine to get it ready for use in the TGS2. The less stuff I need to remove the better for getting the car built, not so much for the performance. But the only thing it will do to power can be reversed by just pulling the power to the AC clutch so it freewheels during racing, because the belt drive will burn the same amount of power with or without the AC pulley in the mix. So I get a warm or cool butt as required, with clean air to my face inside my helmet at the same temperature. Simple!

The good thing is I have a ton of space for putting stuff in for creature comforts, the bad thing is every creature comfort I add also adds weight, even if it’s only a few pounds. To go with that is “a few pounds” is added to a car that weighs 1300 pounds empty or 1500 with my fat butt in the driver’s only seat. So adding creature comforts will increase the weight of the car by a perceptible amount for each pound of “comfort” added. I don’t care, I’m pushing 60, by the time I get finished I’ll be pushing from the other side of 60, and I have a lot of aches and pains already not counting any I’ll pick up before this car is completed.

And in weather news we didn’t get any snow here at Casa de El Poeta in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, but there was snow east and west of us even though we never saw a flake. So aside from some cats getting cold butts and distinctly unhappy about it, we have no problems with the weather today.


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