Daily Archives: December 27, 2017

Thanks to today’s Frazz comic I have a new fictional setting

Welcome to the town of Port Manteau, Florizona, where they have 350 days of sunshine a year and only drop below freezing on December 25th for a white Christmas. The average high is 82°F with the average low being 48°F. The port was formed at the mouth of the Manteau river as it curled down from the Novena Mountains, which have a highest peak of 17 meters above mean sea level. The town population has a large amount of seasonal variation as most of the residents are snowbirds escaping from frigid Northern winters. This has an interesting effect on the town’s economy as “summer jobs” for the youth are practically non-existent, while winter has a negative unemployment rate as most people work more than one job, and afterschool jobs exceed the number of students to fill them.

I will come back to this post to fill details as the author invents them.


Still no engine or transmission so now what? continues

I was hoping I would get the corpse of a RWD car or pickup to use as a donor vehicle for a Sprint-T, or maybe a dead minivan for a TGS2. But, alas, such was not to be. I still have no powertrain to use building a hot rod.

All I need to do to keep Mrs. the Poet happy is find a perfectly clean engine and transmission and not spend any family money buying it. Yeah, and to quote my elder daughter, “And maybe flying monkeys will fly outta my butt”. To say the least, keeping Mrs. the Poet happy will be a challenge.

So if anyone has an old car, pickup, or minivan that has a good engine and transmission and a wrecked or rusted-out body, I will give the engine and transmission a good home.