Daily Archives: December 29, 2017

Moving things from storage to garage is upsetting the cats

There was an old female Siamese cat living at my parent’s house when we packed everything up and put it in storage, and now that we have some room in the garage. Well the cats can still smell that now-departed cat on the boxes and are trying to mark the boxes as “theirs”.

The bad thing about moving the stuff to the garage leaves me without a place to work out of the weather with the cold weather bearing down on us. The Good Thing about this is it will save us $231/month. And that doesn’t count the months when checks coming in and the money going out didn’t match up and the cost went to $275.

Now that I have valid ID again I can donate plasma again and start to make some money to finance the Bucket in whatever form I build it out as. And that extra $200 will take a huge load away from the budget and back into the bank account. The plasma company adds to that, but I haven’t checked to see how much they pay this year and checking Google comes up with a subscription page that requires a login to read. That doesn’t raise any red flags, nosiree. But since I need to have a donation center that is not too far away from the house in terms of travel time this seems to be my best choice.

And I have to get to bed early because I need to get up early tomorrow.