Monthly Archives: December 2017

Eagerly waiting the time to take my new med

We got the new med today and I get to take it tonight, as the medication schedule requires this one be taken at bedtime because it induces drowsiness. Unfortunately it also causes racing thoughts and other ADHD symptoms that I’m having because of rebound from my previous med. Also we spent over $200 at the grocery because bare pantry, fridge, and freezer and no food.

And I still can’t think straight so rather than force myslef to find words I quit now.

Almost done with the washout and the heavy rebound

One of the really bad things about this change on meds was the rebound effect from the washout period. I went through hell because I rebounded much worse than if I had just never taken meds. But the washout phase is almost over now so I’m actually starting to feel closer to “normal”, for values of normal <1.

A second side effect of the washout is racing thoughts, ideas that just barely even slow down to register, much less be able to transcribe them to permanent record. An example of this was working on the idea of a different donor vehicle than the 1996 Chrysler Town and Country minivan, in case I don't get it to work with. I was barely able to look up local auctions for salvage and junk title vehicles, much less get them bookmarked for future reference. But what was really sad was the number of flood cars with no minimum bid because they will never be driven on the road again, some with very low miles. There were several vehicles with less than 100 miles for sale with junk titles because they were in dealer's lots when Harvey hit Houston. And the racing thoughts have derailed my train of thought, where was I going with this? Home, I was going home. And to sleep.

And I'm getting the new med today at the store, so things will be improving on the mental front.

More on gas tanks after sleeping

OK I got some sleep but it wasn’t easy with the problem of not enough gas in the car to get from El Paso to Phoenix before tanks dry, not to mention getting from Dallas to El Paso.

The problem was I made my constraints too constraining, the biggest constraint was not allowing the top of the tank to be higher than the bottom of the dash molded into the bucket body, which after I thought about it was more than silly since the frame rails are going to be taller than that. So I went back and recalculated after moving the top of the tank to the underside of the top body flange between the dash and the rear body kickup. This got me to 28.75 gallons which might get me to Phoenix from El Paso, but probably not to the E85 station in El Paso from home. So I laid the rear face of the tank back until it just touched the inside of the body at the upper outside corner. This gave me about 31.33 gallons of capacity, which got me to the E85 station in El Paso with a tiny margin of safety for headwinds.

Now the fun part is going to be getting gas in the tanks without getting gas in the cockpit with me. I think there is room to mount a gas filler on the back of the bucket above the top of the tank, but I don’t know if there’s enough room for the hose from the filler to the tank. That is something I’m going to have to find out and fix when I’m doing mockup of the tanks in the body, because working on that after paint and powdercoat is too late. But it is something I can fix, have to fix, if I want to drive my car.