Curmudgeon’s week in review

This has been an interesting week here at Casa de El Poeta, and for the world.

Monday I was still trying to get my sleep cycle better synced with the rotation of the Earth, and some kid shot up a high school a couple of towns down the road from Casa de El Poeta for the first school shooting of the week. And a phrase I never thought I would use was created.

Tuesday I got the internet permanently (I hope) fixed, deposited some checks, picked up my pull from the comic store, and got my toes done so I could get more walking done. And some kid in KY shot up his high school for the second school shooting of the week. And another phrase I thought I would never use was created.

Wednesday I paid for all that walking and riding around by pretty much collapsing all day in bed again, and posted in the middle of the night. The world still did stupid things with #CheetoJesus at the helm and posting angry tweets from his phone in a bed full of cheeseburger wrappers.

Thursday was pretty much wasted as all I did was read web comics all night and into the day, and #CheetoJesus went to Switzerland to hobnob with billionaires on our dollar. I didn’t read about anything too bad on Twitter so he probably didn’t say much.

Friday, so far hasn’t been too bad. Sleep is still messed up as I sleep a little and then lie awake a little, rinse, repeat. It takes about 14 hours to get enough sleep that way, and I don’t get any work done when I’m awake because I’m in bed and not where I can’t get to anything where I can record my thoughts, so all that thinking is wasted. And TBH it’s all a bit disjointed and doesn’t really apply to anything. And I just checked Twitter and #CheetoJesus has just tried to fire Mueller. And got booed off the stage at Davos? I haven’t found any other links to that one so maybe just wishful thinking on the part of the poster. And a little more searching has found nothing on Davos, but plenty on the attempted firing of Mueller. And new searching has got video of Trump getting booed, but not while he was on stage reading the speech someone else wrote for him. That got polite applause from the crowd of millionaires and billionaires.

A show I like is showing on Velocity Channel, Last Stop Garage. It’s set in North West River, Labrador, Canada and reminds me of my Dad’s stories of when we were stationed in Argentia across the strait from the future shooting location of the TV show during the early 1960s. Not so much the actual events as the general accent of the speakers (Dad spoke excellent Newfie, which is very close to the accent used by the people on the reality show). My brother was born in the hospital in St. John’s so we have a close connection to the island. And I loved Avalon High the web comic set there.

And that seems like a good place to end this post. Enjoy Ceilidh’s [Kay-lee] adventures.


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