Catching the Rolex 24 on Internet radio

I went to bed way early for me, shortly after 2400, then woke up way, way early at 0340 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I have the IMSA app on my phone so I plugged my earbuds in to catch the race while there is no TV coverage. The TV coverage doesn’t start back until 0700 and it’s only 0556 right now.

Clyde spent the night sleeping in my office on a pile of drawstring bags I got as promotional items, apparently quite comfortably. We have been trying to get Clyde to eat more by not letting him back out as often when we can get him to come in. He has lost a lot of weight during the cold weather we recently had, so we are trying to get his body fat % back up to a healthy range. One thing we have been doing to get him to eat more is to put treats on top of the food in his bowl when he gets treats.

After adding the vertical brace to the torque arm mount no more progress has been made in the design of the Sprint-T, but I found a potential rear axle in the 7.5″ Ford which was under several 1990s and early 2000s. It’s fairly lightweight, has mounting points for a torque arm and some were made with rear disk brakes with parking brakes, so it’s a strong contender to be the rear axle. Another strong contender is the 7.5″ Chevy which is within a few pounds +/- of the Ford depending on the model year of the axle. The Chevy also has provision for a torque arm which was standard on the Camaro for over a decade. Point being there are a few thousand of both in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell so they’re pretty cheap, and they can handle about 300-350 HP on street tires or 250-300 on race slicks making standing starts. The weight of course is highly dependant on the width and brakes. Wider is heavier by a few pounds, and some brakes are very heavy. I’m not sure if the drums or the disks are heavier, but I’m going with the disks anyway. I prefer to keep the unsprung weight as low as possible but I have to take what I can get weight-wise.

Right now I’m surrounded by sleeping cats, which sounds like my cue to publish this post.


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