Minor identity crisis here

Here’s the sitch: since I can’t ride a bicycle any more I’m not the (or a) Witch on a Bicycle. Also since I can’t afford to drive a car I really have no reason to waste money building one, that means I need to re-brand the blog.

One idea I had was to name the blog Get Off My Lawn! because I’m like old and crotchety now. No? Not even a giggle? How about Too much thought for 280 characters ? or No T, just an old A ? They can’t all be zircons, there’s going to be some gravel in there. That last one is a multi-level pun on the fact that I’m old and not building the Bucket in any form anymore.

And this whole post goes to show how I get over my loss, I make fun of it. If I’m not making jokes, check my pulse. I may be dead, again.

And apparently my mind refuses to accept I’m not building the bucket, because last night’s brain shutdown montage was all about narrowing the body to Just Me width for the TGS2, basically turning it into a jigsaw puzzle and putting the pieces back together the same width as the original firewall. This is a traditional building technique from the 1930s and ’40s, but I don’t know how well it would work, would have worked for the TGS2. There wouldn’t be much room to hide the gas tank with the body basically shrink-wrapped around my butt and shoulders. Another thought was to buy an old sprint car frame and put the narrowed body on that with the sprint car tank for gas and a cheap SBC for power. But I can’t do that either because money.

But seriously, I need to rebrand the blog now that I am not riding anymore.

One response to “Minor identity crisis here

  1. More than 280 would work. And who knows what the future could possibly hold… or… “Fanning the firewall” ? Keep mucking with the bucket anyway …

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