Daily Archives: February 22, 2018

Still raining, still cold, and I’m still very much “not rich”

Other than that I really don’t have much to write about. I have pretty much exhausted my words about being p’ (can’t afford a vowel poor). Plasma donation turned out to be a non-starter financially. And doubly so when the health risks are thrown in the mix. So, that avenue is blocked off.

Basically all the side hustles I have been doing until last year have either folded, or are outlawed because rich people couldn’t use it to exploit people or because the tax laws changed. That comes to about $500-600 a year gone from the budget, which was a pretty big chunk of change compared to the rest of our budget. Now for most people losing $0.5K/an would be barely noticeable, but when expenses keep going up, income going down hurts immediately. When expenses go up you eventually run out of places to cut to make up the difference. Mrs. the Poet and I have been discussing making cuts in the communications budget, dropping TV and the landline and just sticking with the mobile phones and a $15/mo ISP that has a slightly slower bandwidth. That would require purchase of an analog adaptor for Mrs. the Poet’s 20th Century television, and possibly something to connect my TV to the Internet. I’ll lose most of my racing shows as they are on cable-only channels, but I’ll live without racing. I won’t be happy, but I will live. It will be a reduced quality of life, but I will live.

Now the question becomes how far am I willing to let my quality of life decline before I start selling my very healthy kidneys on the black market? And how much does a healthy O+ kidney go for? Because I have pretty much exhausted all my legal sources of income, so that leaves the quasi-legal sources of income. Any rich people reading this? The latest pricing information I can find is from late 2012, which all say $1K-10K depending on blood type, but nothing on which type is higher valued. So, I’m going with the $1K number which is almost 2 months expenses, more or less. Again the risk versus return is out of balance. And I have nothing to prevent my quality of life from eroding away. All the things to make money I can do are now done overseas or by robots or AI, or are a health risk or actual life risk.

Seriously, what can I do?


I guess I am a little crazy

It was 37°F and raining when I went out to buy toilet paper and a lottery ticket. If I’m not willing to buy a lottery ticket, then I don’t deserve to win. Figuratively and literally. I’m not checking my numbers until after I get up, so right now I’m Schrödinger’s rich guy. Until I check the numbers I’m both rich and dead broke. It was interesting walking to the local C-store and literally seeing the same store brands as my local supermarket, and seeing how little traffic there was because of the weather. I was the only person on foot for the entire 1 mile round trip. And now I’m cold and tired and want to sleep…