Yesterday was semi-eventful

Well yesterday was grocery day, and also the day we celebrated all our February birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

First was grocery day shopping, with strategic searching for “Buy 4” items that when you get 4 red-tagged items you get a drastically reduced price for all your red-tagged items, and also checking for phone-app specials. We shop like warriors, according to the little calculation at the bottom of the register tape we cut our bill in half from full price.

After shopping and putting away the groceries, it was time to get gussied up for a fancy dinner at a French restaurant. I put on the suit I last wore when we buried Dad, Mrs. the Poet wore some nice pants and a lovely top. Dave got his suit on as well.

Then we hit the road to Lavendou on Preston Rd. Now you have to remember I used to live in a country where every restaurant was a French restaurant by default, so I’m not intimidated by french cuisine. Anyway I had the veal in a mushroom and wine gravy with roasted veggies, with a fried goat cheese salad appetizer. Mrs. the Poet had a bit of my salad, and roasted veggies on a bed of linguini for her entre. We both had the iced tea, and we split a piece of chocolate cake for dessert, while Dave had the escargot appetizer and a steak with that end of the table splitting a magnum of champagne. I have no idea of the vineyard or vintage, but the glass Mrs. the Poet and I shared had notes of fresh bread in the nose. Mrs. the Poet couldn’t taste the more delicate flavor notes and completely missed the warm bread nose. And I have no clue what Dave had for dessert.

All told we had 24 people there to celebrate 3 birthdays and one wedding anniversary. The birthdays were daughter Sam’s 37 on 2/4, Dave’s 40 on 2/8, and son-in-law Jon’s 37 on 2/14. Obviously the anniversary was Mr. and Mrs. the Poet 40 on 2/18.


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