Daily Archives: March 10, 2018

OK earned coins don’t carry over on this app

I checked my Sweatcoin app before bed this morning and the 3+ coins I earned yesterday that exceeded my 5 coin limit were gone. Basically you have to earn fresh coins every day. Also I have found a 1.24 mile loop that gets me just about 5 coins so I can max out every day, plus get my exercise for the day.

Getting back to the Sprint-T I found the T5 transmission can weigh as little as 75 pounds and averages 85, and the clutch and pressure plate weighs from 51 down to 15 pounds. So combining the 330 pound Pentastar with the 51 pound clutch and the 85 pound average T5 and you get 466 pounds completely ready to install compared to the SBC at 545 with nothing hanging off the back, leading to a car that weighs under 1500 with no gas in the tank. Now go with the 15 pound clutch and the 75 pound transmission and you’re looking at 1450 easy. Now can you see why I am so high on this engine? It has power like a traditional V8 but weighs just a little more than half as much, meaning to have the same power to weight ratio as the Sprint-T a stripped 2018 Corvette would need to develop 715HP at the flywheel, so as an autocrosser the Sprint-T would have a power advantage over a new Corvette. Out on an open road course or open highway where aero starts to dominate then more horsepower is straight up faster, but that is not what this car is designed for. And I have been running the numbers and it might be cheaper to drill a chunk of aluminum to bolt to the flexplate in place of the torque converter than it would to buy the flywheel for a Pentastar and modify it for the 10.5″ clutch and pressure plate. I could drill the aluminum adapter for roller pilot bearing for a smooth-shifting manual transmission and not have the adaptor cost any more than installing a plain bushing style pilot. Drilling a hole doesn’t cost any different if you change the size of the hole in the design stage. So making a flywheel adaptor from aluminum is slightly cheaper than the Pentastar flywheel, and slightly lighter than the flywheel. If I can get access to a milling machine I can make this.

And I’m going back on my first antidepressant, dark chocolate. It doesn’t have the same effect as SSRI or whatever type of medication that last one was, but I can live with the side effects a lot better. I actually feel better on dark chocolate than I ever did on any of the other meds I was on. I’m going to enjoy this one a lot more than the last med, and for longtime readers of this blog you might remember when I did the dark chocolate to reduce blood pressure trial from back about a decade ago where it allowed reduced levels of medication but did not reduce BP on its own. Given what I have experienced with antidepressants and my BP going up when I quit, I think this was an example of reducing depression reducing stress, which reduced BP.

And while the weather is still good I think I’ll try that new loop again tomorrow to see if I can max out my Sweatcoin take with a single walk.