Happy Pi day!

3/14 is recognized as Pi Day and in this country we celebrate by eating pie(s). I walked to the store to pick up Mindy Lu’s Fried Pies because they were cheap, and technically pie although they are really turnovers. But pie enough for Pi Day.

Also today, I’m doing calibration runs for my Sweatcoin app walking known courses with known distances and seeing how the app reacts after the update last night. Now I have to go to the local C-store and get a lottery ticket that after taxes will pay me $115k/an after taxes and 2/3 going to Mrs. the Poet. I can manage quite nicely on $115k/an especially with Mrs. the Poet doing the hard part of keeping the house standing (or knocking it down and building another one on the same footprint). But I have to buy the ticket before I can win the Lottery. Buying a lottery ticket is a real-life example of superposition. After you buy the ticket you are both a millionaire and whatever your financial condition was before you bought the ticket. The most famous example of superposition is the famous thought experiment of Erwin Schrödinger where a cat was placed in a box with an atom of radioactive material connected to a device that releases a poison gas when it decays. After the half-life expires the principle of superposition states the cat is both alive and dead until the box is opened.

In other news I have been pondering making the front axle even stronger by changing the mounting of the steering arm from the top to the bottom of the spindle, and sliding the spring mount closer to the kingpin to reduce the bending moment on the axle. Reduced bending moments are the same as making the axle stronger. If I could make another axle I could use lighter materials like aluminum instead of the 2″ diameter 0.25″ wall CrMo tubing on the current axle. And at this point I really have nothing left to say for today.


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