Happy #WorldPenguinDay !

I didn’t get a notification from Calendar about this, but Twitter filled in. Have a kipper (herring) and kick back. Or you could go for a swim with seals and sea lions. From what I understand penguins hydrate from the fluids of their prey, so there’s no canonical penguin drink you can kick back with.

I also went for a walk to buy a lottery ticket. The jackpot payments come to an annual $150K/an for me and $390750/an for Mrs. the Poet, post-tax. I will have enough to do everything I want to do, and so will Mrs. the Poet. She’s planning on taking care of all the house problems by just knocking the house down and building another house in the same footprint as the house we have now. My contributions to the plans so far are my office will run across the north end of the house as the single-pitch solar roof is 34 feet tall on the north end of the house. Another contribution is a concrete-and-steel reinforced cinderblock construction for both the external and internal walls with insulation on the inside and vinyl siding decorating the outside. This means that the entire first floor of the house is a tornado shelter, in addition to being highly resistant to the local hooligans with guns.

And someone shot a cop yesterday, who died this morning, a few miles from Casa de El Poeta. I used to shop regularly at the scene of the crime, a Home Depot store just off Forest Lane and Central Expressway. I commend DPD for their restraint in apprehending the shooting suspect alive and relatively healthy.


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