Daily Archives: May 4, 2018

Happy Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you, and also happy Cinco de Mayo!

For many different values of 'Mayo'

Today’s walk was cancelled on account of goopy allergy eyes and rain-flooded sidewalks, but at least there weren’t any thunderstorms during the day, nor tornadoes. Just rain in the morning.

And for people who read the funny pages, we had an Eddie Crankshaft incident earlier this week. For the rest of you, a school bus backed over the mail box destroying the mounting pole and box. I’m mentioning it now because the paperwork has been completed for the school district to put in a replacement pole and box, made easier because the neighbor reported it too. We had just been discussing needing to put new numbers on the box because the old ones were getting a bit (a lot) faded. We still need to put new numbers on the box, but it will be on a brand-new box.

On the Sprint-T, I have a better handle on the frame weight and the projected empty weight is now 1450 pounds, or 1685 with me and race fuel.