Daily Archives: May 18, 2018


Did you ever hear someone say “It’s so loud I can’t hear myself think”? Well that is my current situation. My tinnitus is so loud putting sentences together is really hard. On top of that one of my Facebook and BikeJournal friends was reported dead today, nothing more than “she’s dead, that’s all we know” in the report. She had a service dog, and I’m concerned for his well-being now.

Other bad news I haven’t heard anything from the people I used to get the gigs through since I didn’t get paid for the last gig. I don’t know if that means they don’t have any new gigs, or if the company has gone belly up.

Back to the tinnitus, it has gone to a roaring combination of whistle and white noise, like being behind an old centrifugal compressor jet engine getting a run up about 20 feet away. All inside my head. For a point of reference the old Cessna T-37 had a pair of that type jet engine, earning it the nickname “Flying Dog Whistle”.

And because trying to write this with all this noise in my head is a pain, catch y’all l8er.