Nothing much, just chillin’ and listening to Classic Rock

It’s not the same listening to digital files off the Web, but I just finished Side One of Tubular Bells, and now I’m listening to Side Two. For the really young people who may be reading this blog, a clip (sample) from the piece on Side One was used as the theme for the original Linda Blair Exorcist movie. My favorite part of Side One is the Procession of the Instruments, where instead of introducing the band Oldfield introduces the instruments he played into the multitrack recorder. When he introduces the Tubular Bells I get literal goosebumps on my arms.

I got some money out of the bank, so tomorrow I’m going to go Do Things that require money to do. Among those are getting shoes that don’t hurt my feet, and getting a haircut.

And I just got to the part at 21:35 of Side Two that he started playing the Hornpipe Jig (also called the Sailor’s Hornpipe) on a mandolin. Most people only know this as the closing theme for Popeye cartoons, but I’m a nerd that looks up the names of songs, like Merry-go-round Broke Down, Streets of Cairo, Powerhouse, all the Looney Tunes songs like that. I guess it started when my parents played a record of the William Tell Overture, long before I ever saw an episode of the Lone Ranger.

OK get back on track, I have to go vote tomorrow as well as all the other stuff, but I don’t need to spend any money to do that. And just like that I thought of a way to both fund the government and stop corruption. Since rich people think they can buy our government with bribes and massive campaign contributions, just make elections actual fundraisers for political parties and government. Primaries are decided by whichever candidate generates the most income for the party before he cutoff date, with general elections the money goes to the governing body up for grabs in the election. Sure the rich guys would decide who wins, but how is that any different than what we have now? At least this way the money goes to the Gov’t instead of the pockets of whoever is selling us out. Which means we get the benefit of rich people buying the election. Which also means this has the proverbial Snowball’s Chance.

Aughh, concentrate, I have things to do and I need to get the down or I’ll forget. Vote, deposit check for Mrs. the Poet’s plane ticket, get haircut, go to shoe store and buy shoes before getting toes done, has to be in that order. That’s the reason why my last pair hurt my toes, I got the toes done first and when the nails get long they catch on the inside of the shoe. I think maybe stop at the Whataburger and get something for Mrs. the Poet and a Jalapeño Bacon Cheese Whataburger for me.


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