Daily Archives: June 10, 2018

Not as warm but still hot

There has been a slight reduction in dry-bulb temperature, but the humidity has increased to compensate for it on the heat index. Current office temperature 86°F drybulb outside 93°, and heat index is 99°. This is still several degrees cooler than last week, except the office temperature. I’m still looking at various window units to keep the office chill, prices have ranged from $129+ tax to about $250+ tax. Mrs. the Poet and I will discuss the budget this week because she’s leaving Tuesday of next week after Father’s Day.

Another financial note, my Dad left a financial instrument in the trust that requires I take money every month when I hit 60, so we are setting up an account to take the automatic deposit from this thing this week. It had been auto depositing to Dad’s checking account until he died, and because I’m the elder brother I have to take the money now. Based on my life expectancy we have to take a minimum of $100/mon. This will help, and Mrs. the Poet deciding that this money should go directly to me so I get something to spend on myself and cover my expenses, like my phone and comic books, and bus fare for things like Lab Rat Keeper and RPG Group. Stuff that’s just for me would be covered by this money, stuff like AC in my office we cover out of family finds because that gives multiple places in the house to cool off and also lets the bedroom be cool enough to sleep at night because the heat from my office isn’t radiating into it. Seriously, the rooms on the west side of the house are like saunas in the summer because of the setting sun baking in after the heat of the day. And until codes said otherwise the hedges in front did a great job of keeping off the sun. Then codes said there was a limit on hedges that are taller than the windows and the afternoon sun has streamed in ever since.

On other news, I think I might have found a source for a cheap engine for the Sprint-T. Pentastar powered Chargers, Challengers and trucks frequently go for less than a thousand dollars at local auctions when they have Salvage titles. All I need is the thousand dollars and a truck to haul it home. So still a total fantasy at this point, but a fantasy with the cruel edge of near attainability. Which makes it even crueler because it dangles just out of reach, and I can see other people getting it instead of me. That’s the real turn of the knife, watching other people walk away with my fantasy. It’s a real good thing I am not suicidal, because I know I’ll just hurt and not die, because if I was suicidal shit like this would send me over the edge. “That thing you have wanted for over half a century? Here are other people getting the things you need to have it almost every day for cheap, but you can’t have it.” And it all comes down to that one thing I don’t have any extra of, money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not deprived. I have a fairly comfortable house, plenty to eat, a bed that doesn’t try to kill me, access to entertainment, stuff unimaginable just a few years ago like mobile internet in the palm of my hand, with access to billions of songs for free after paying for general access, and a communication channel that gives me direct access to POTUS. Now getting him to pay attention to what I’m saying is another story but I can still DM POTUS. And in theory he can answer, with something other than “New phone, who dis?” I just can’t have that one thing I have been pursuing since childhood, and it irks and nettles me.