Show don’t tell

I had some time today so I created a visual aid for the body mounting problem with the new chassis. So I used black tape on the white body to show the actual point the frame rail intersects the body mounting flange.
that little black line on the lower right corner? that's all there is.
Yep, without additional material of some kind there’s no support for the body. All of the weight of the body, and the driver and support equipment would have to be carried through those small footprints where the frame rails cross under the cowl pinch and half of the door area, with most of the weight behind the mounting area. If you’re interested, that short piece of tape across the mounting flange is 22.5″ from the firewall, so 52″ of body would be cantilevered off the first 22.5″ of flange with most of the weight at 45″. That’s a lot of moment arm for the weight with not much to support it.

The other thing about this is the rear cross mount will extend about 2.7″ from either side of the body to the frame rail. So, looking at the actual body that’s not that bad, I see it as a running board/step for getting in the car. It will still not be as wide as the top of the body, so we’re good there. So the Ugly I was afraid of isn’t real. I was visualizing things sticking out much further, which would be really ugly. But it won’t be so that’s a load off my mind.


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