Daily Archives: July 17, 2018

Update on the internet situation

Still trying to compose with the smart phone on-screen “keyboard”. The timeline for restoring internet is still about a week out because it blew up a major component and it’s backordered. The thing that really annoys me is I won’t get cable back in time for the truck race at Eldora. I look forward to watching the race all year long, because the trucks are not designed to be raced on dirt, and so far the Goodyear tires are more wets than dirts so the trucks slide around like they are trying to drive on a wet paved track and the driver is a much bigger part of the picture than usual. This year Tony Stewart got personally involved with the tires so the trucks can get a bit more sideways, but because of the suspension design they won’t be like your typical Saturday night stock car and will still be mostly trying to stay straight.

But because of the outage I won’t get to see it.

And I have hit my tolerance for hunting and pecking on my phone. I will try to make further updates later.