Daily Archives: August 12, 2018

It hurt terribly to spend the money

But now I have a keyboard with all the keys working. And seriously, even getting $80 off the retail price before taxes, spending $200 after taxes still pains my cheapskate soul.

But I forget my manners. Readers this is Lenovo ideapad 330 with 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of onboard storage, running an Intel Celeron processor and fitted with WiFi capable of 100 mbps transfer if my WiFi was that fast.

Now getting this laptop was a story in itself. I checked my available balance at the grocery and found the $300 I had requested for getting a laptop while they were on sale which I thought ran through Sunday night. But when I got home I discovered an email telling me to move my butt because the sale ended midnight Saturday. So I hopped the next bus out to the Maul (as Mrs. the Poet calls it) and got myself into the electronics store running the sale. As I was browsing the laptops I discovered that they were literally getting sold out from underneath me. I managed to snag the last of this kind of laptop in the country after the first two I tried to buy for home delivery got bought before I could complete my transaction. I tried to get one with a faster processor first, then an in-box version of this computer, then the last out of box one left anywhere was in the store. So, I ended up spending a whole lot less for just a little less computer. But the fun wasn’t over yet, as there wasn’t a bag big enough to carry the thing home in and it had started to rain again. Google Maps and the Dart text system both said it was almost 30 minutes until the next bus, but it turned out the rain was interfering with the bus location system out there in the boonies and the bus was running late so I didn’t have to stand 28 minutes in the drizzle waiting for a bus. I still had to walk almost a half-mile from the bus stop to Casa de El Poeta in the rain though, and Mrs. the Poet complained about how I smelled when I got there. My hat needs another bath I guess.

So anywho, I have this fancy new Virus and Malware transfer protocol Windows 10 laptop and all I need to do now is figure out how to transfer my reference files from the Chromebook to my new computer so I can use it fully. I guess that means long nights on Google for a while.