Daily Archives: August 13, 2018

I can’t win

I have spent all day trying to get the new computer to connect with the WiFi, and so far no success. It finds the routers in the area, but just doesn’t connect when I enter the security key. At this point my only option is going back to the store and seeing what their techs can do.

In other news Clint has been sitting next to my chair pretty much all day. The box with the new AC is right in the flow from the fan from the old AC, which will be gone soon as I recover from taking it off the top shelf by myself last month. And TBH I have to make room for the old one to come out and be able to get the new one in which is going to be a battle with all the stuff that just got thrown in the room when my office was thrown out of the bedroom.

It’s about bedtime here, the cat is howling to be let out, and I have to get up early to take the computer back to the store. Also I need to hook it back up to the charger so it will run when I take it to the store