Another fine mess

That’s a Laurel and Hardy joke, and my current situation. Long story short, the reason I was having trouble getting the new computer to connect to the Wi-Fi is because the router was dying a slow death. I went to my local comic book store to get my pulls, and when I got home I noticed my phone was awfully slow, and I checked my data connection, which turned out to be 4G instead of Wi-Fi. I did a quick attempt to get my phone to connect with no luck. One thing I discovered earlier is the new computer is Wireless-AC and the router is an older standard Wireless-G, and even good Wireless-G routers making a first connection with Wireless-AC is iffy at best. And I skipped a standard completely, Wireless-N.

So now I’m waiting to hear from Frontier on replacing their router. Until then my only access point for Internet is my phone, and the ethernet connection to the router as long as it holds up.


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