Daily Archives: September 10, 2018

Role playing is fun

Well yesterday we finally managed to get a game in. We finished up dropping the toxic shaman off for the reward and picked up a Chicago style pizza for a late lunch/early dinner before flying back to the Metromess. Before we could even get through customs we got notice that there was another job waiting for us. The team is going to retrieve a magical artifact from a dugout in Egypt, without our regular weapons…

Now getting to the game was a bit of a laugh. Just as I got to the bus stop I got a text that someone was coming to take me to the game. Fortunately I hadn’t bought my pass and saved $1.50 because I only had to pay for a PM pass. Like I said, getting there was easy, but getting home was a tiny bit dicey as I was a bit slow off the line on the way home and just got to the bus stop at the scheduled arrival time, but then I got really worried as the bus was about 5 minutes late. Fortunately the bus caught up to schedule and I caught the last bus home without problem.

Backing up from the trip home to the actual game session my sleep schedule was screwed up all weekend long, extending back to Thursday. Basically I had one good solid sleep from Thursday through Sunday with no sleep at all Saturday night, and I was fighting to stay awake during the game, and sometimes I lost that fight. But I had time to upgrade my armor that let me down during the KillDeer arc. I’m thinking I have enough money to get some serious armor after this arc, but since we were literally given enough time to shower and do laundry all I realistically had time to do was buy an armor jacket that was higher rated than my old lined duster. In game time there has only been 3 days since I got killed by the KillDeer.

I’m seriously looking forward to this arc as a place my character can shine, as it was built as a melee fighter and we are doing an old-fashioned dungeon crawl in what has been described as either a buried pyramid or a dugout tomb complex, with multiple burial sites inside the site. I’m using borrowed weapons except for the Cybershot and my katana.